PolefitLondon opened 9 years ago, pictured back then at Stockwell, as above. During the COVID closure I’ve become so downhearted and depressed about the situation. I know it’s for the health and safety of us all and to keep the NHS safe, but part of my life is this place and not to have it running is making me blue and bend to deep sadness.

I do have a plan of ‘how’ we open but as to ‘when’ it’s so hard to say – when will it be the right time, when will the stars align. I became frustrated I didn’t have an answer, I always try and look to find a solution to everything and COVID means this is impossible.

I then watched this on the BBC and was reminded again of WHY we are doing this and why it’s SO important we all follow what the scientists are saying and follow whatever guidelines are set out.

There is no breaking the rules and relaxing things too early because I cannot put YOU or the NHS at risk.

So keep staying alert, keep doing what you are doing, make use of all the online classes you can, if you have a pole – practice on it, and as the old photo shows, remember that this special place is there waiting, the poles are getting a well earned rest, we will re open (after a professional safety re clean) when we are given the green light to do so. My re open plans WILL be put to use, classes in the studio WILL return. Until then we stay united.

Love from Anna