Beginneran Introduction to Pole

  • Learn basic spins, poses, climbs and grips. Suitable for complete beginners and those working on the ‘building blocks’ of Pole.
  • ImproverThe Pole fundamentals

  • Work on inversions, leg grips, and other poses from the floor. Polish spin and begin to create simple combinations. Designed for those who have learnt the basics and are ready to be upside down.
  • IntermediateGet your fitness off the floor

  • Increase your pole vocabulary up the Pole and create inverted combinations. Fine tune static spins and body engagement. Ideal for anyone working on butterfly, genie, hip and thigh hod poses and combinations.
  • AdvancedThe sky is the limit!

  • Trending tricks and combos? Classic transitions? Perfect your technique, build longer complex combinations, and explore the more challenging elements of Pole. Perfect for polers comfortable with aerial inverts, shoulder mounts, handsprings and flexi-bendy tricks.
  • ClassiqueHeels – tricks – flow

  • Learn beautiful spinning combinations & sequences.Perfect lines and technique, and work on heel technique and flow. Explore elements of freestyle, sensual movement and create your own transitions and combos. Suitable for those who can invert, climb and sit. Heels encouraged but not essential.
    1. Bored with the gym? Want to get fit while having fun? Come to our pole and aerial Classes or Courses. NO dance experience is necessary, all shapes and sizes are welcome and all sessions are taught in a relaxed friendly environment. You will leave each one feeling great, although you may well wake up the next morning feeling muscles you never realised you had!

      For group day or evening sessions, smaller group and private classes anytime, + weekend sessions… we have something to suit you.

      If you are a Mum getting back to fitness we sometimes hold daytime classes tn which you can bring your baby, so no extra childcare costs.

      The London studio A is in Stockwell, 2 mins walk from the tube. Studio B is just opposite the tube. Where to go?

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