If you have a G-Mail (or Googlemail) address, you will have noticed that Google have changed their anti-spam rules this year. For some reason they now automatically reject all messages generated by the Polefitlondon booking system!

So you won’t be seeing messages via G-Mail about classes with changed times (and previously you wouldn’t have been getting replies to any enquiries you sent by G-Mail to Anna. Sorry if that seemed rude!)

Fixing it is a bit tedious, but it’s the only way for the moment. Just once, add the following ‘domain address’ to your G-Mail ‘whitelist’…

Log in to your G-Mail as usual…

  • Click on the cogwheel in the top bar, then ‘see all settings’
  • Click on ‘Filters and blocked addresses
  • Then find ‘Create a new filter’
  • In the box that appears, choose the top ‘From:’ slot and type in: appointy.com (this allows booking system confirmations)
  • a bit lower, click ‘create filter’ – a long list of check-boxes will appear
  • tick only the box ‘Never send it to spam’
  • then exit with the lower ‘create filter’ button
  • Now you’re back to the panel showing what you’ve just added, job done.

    Congrats to Google for enhancing security, but such things can also have unintended consequences. (An earlier version of this page showed how to whitelist polefitlondon.com too – no harm in that, but it seems no longer necessary for that domain.)

    Here’s another version of these hints:

    https://gatlabs.com/blogpost/how-and-why-to-whitelist-a-domain-in-gmail/. Quite a few e-mail senders and businesses have had the same problem this year, so if as a G-mail user you’ve been missing expected messages from them, you might have to whitelist their domains in the same way as above.