‘Weightless Yoga’at Stockwell was a new concept, which we hope to restart in non-Covid times, comprising a Hatha yoga class starting on the floor and moving into the special ‘hammocks’, giving you a feeling of complete weightlessness. You use the silks as a resistance to gain strength, it encourages your body’s natural flexibility and gives you a sense of complete relaxation. This is also fantastic for those coming back to fitness after injury and you will find the muscles you never knew you had!

Correct clothing is essential: you will not be able to take part if wearing incorrect clothing. Dresscode for weightless Yoga:You must wear a long sleeved leotard or t-shirt, leggings or tight fitting trousers and socks. No zips, and jewellery must be taken off before you start the class.

PLEASE NOTE the weightless Hatha yoga classes are not to be confused with ‘Anti-Gravity yoga’, which is also a fantastic fitness form, however this is a different sort of class – if in doubt feel free to get in touch.