• Healthy Pole

    We’ve been able to continue all Stockwell sessions so far during this health scare, and everyone is well. The next two weeks should continue as normal although all the ‘extra classes’ will come down to 1 person per pole. For the next set of courses starting soon, there will be just 1-person-per-pole, not two, for better separation.

    We continue to use the good hygiene policy, please wash hands before class and after, please try to bring your own yoga mat – if you can’t bring a yoga mat then bring a towel to place over a studio one – and flannel to wipe the poles, plus hand sanitiser, we also have anti bac wipes and alcohol for cleaning the pole.

    If official advice changes, we will adapt. Our Stockwell Studio and Reception is hosted by ‘Evolve Housing’ and they will have their own policies – if that means anything has to be cancelled, we will let you know and you’ll get full credit.

    Please feel you can feedback and talk about your worries at any time, we are listening, we want to stay open but only want to do so if we are able to do it responsibly and safely.

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