Here is what we have agreed with the Building Managers as a condition of re-opening in 2021

Safety in the building

The ‘Evolve’ building team is extremely nervous about reopening and letting more people in, so we are doing everything we possibly can to put them at ease. They have closed the Conference Centre for good but have allowed us to continue to rent the Studio space from them – so I feel very lucky we still have our home and therefore I am doing everything possible to keep them happy, please if you could adhere to the following – it would really help:

  • Please don’t arrive too early for a session, we don’t want a group to form while waiting.
  • Please wear a mask when not in the room, so when entering the building and walking through the courtyard, into the next building up the stairs and even going to the loo – I know, I realise wearing a mask is not compulsory, even in some shops and other gyms but it’s what they would like and there are going to be some nervous students too so let’s do it!
  • Use the hand sanitizer stations provided.

Safety in class . . .

  • All poles will now be colour coded with a brightly coloured band at the bottom of the pole, when you start your Course, remember the colour pole band you are on, this will be your pole for the duration of the 6 wks.
  • You will also be ‘buddied up’, so the person you share the pole with will be the same person for the full 6 weeks of a Course.
  • Please don’t move around the room during class, even if one of your besties needs the perfect pole shot, stick to your little pole area.
  • Please bring your own flannel for cleaning the pole – we will have flannels if you forget yours, but it works well if you have your own. Any flannels used during class, pop them in the dirty flannel bin after use and they will be cleaned after every class!
  • Where possible please bring your own yoga mat, we will have them for you to use if you don’t have one or forget to bring one. If you use one make sure you clean it before you use it and after you use it, you will have spray etc ready for it.
  • If you want to wear a mask in class do, it is your choice and no one will mind if that is what you chose. The only thing is we can’t see you smiling!
  • Totally un Covid related but, don’t be late for your warm up!

Courses and Classes . . .

  • If you miss a Course class unfortunately you will now not be unable to make it up. In the New Year I will be working out a scheduled monthly make-up class for anyone who has missed their course classes, however I am unable to offer extra spaces and due to the pole buddy system we can’t be swapping and changing everyone in class.
  • Everyone will be asked to fill in a new ‘Consent Form’ before starting their Course or Class, this will be emailed over to you prior to your return.
  • Sadly, if Covid is reported among the building’s ‘residents’ we may have to close again temporarily at short notice.
  • All courses remain at the same price for 2021, there will be a slight increase in Jan but still accessible for all.
  • SXY and Adrian’s course/class will be coming back from 1st December. I realise these are long awaited so don’t worry they will be back!

Get in contact about anything and everything, the sound of an email/text/whatsapp makes me excited!

Anna M.