Polefitlondon wants to make sure great classes are accessible to everyone. We normally have schemes for Students and NHS workers but that’s difficult during our ‘soft reopening’. We’ll do it again in 2022 or by special arrangement, but here’s how it worked as a ‘Student Scheme’ last time:

    If you are a Student, or recent University leaver, we want to make sure you have a ‘Pole Home’ with us so that you’re able to continue, or start, your aerial fitness journey

    Discounted classes are available up to six months after you leave University. So when finding or ‘in between’ jobs, you can still keep on with your fitness and pole training. We will help you ‘get your fitness off the floor’ at an accessible rate

    What next? Send an image of your Uni Student Card to Anna, and she will then explain how to get a special discount code so that you can choose and book classes at our Stockwell Studio.

    We only have a certain number of spaces set aside each week in every ‘Open’ class (starred on the Timetable) so make sure you book in advance, as these spaces go really quickly.

Hope to see you soon!