Timetable for August

Sutton looks forward to a Summer of fun, as Abbie brings her classes to the Thomas Wall Centre. So many more sessions, that there’s a new booking system and some changed timings to make room

To use the new system for bookings, you will need re-register your e-mail and payment details (just once! – in the frame below). Anna and Abbie really hope you like the new arrangements. (if you also use the Stockwell Studio, there’s no change there).

All sessions are at the Sutton Studio in the sunny upstairs at the Thomas Wall Centre – ‘How to find us?

Ask Abbie? abbie@polefitsutton.com

If you’re on an existing June/July course, the timings will be the same as before. As a reminder, here’s what they are. Don’t mind the gaps – everything else you’re used to at the Thomas Wall studio, and everything from Abbie, is now on the new booking system, as above. (If you do not see a booking pane at the top of this page, you may have to deactivate your script-blocker)

Welcome to the fun!