What do I wear?

  • Whatever you like and feel comfortable with, but nothing too loose. Bare skin is best for grip on poles, so you will definitely need shorts after your first couple of classes (you can buy from us if you want them later). PLEASE do not wear ‘moisturiser’ for the day. We supply free rosin powder and chalk for pole grip if you like to use that.
  • I’m not very fit or in shape, is that OK?

  • All shapes and sizes are very welcome for Pole Fit classes. You don’t need ‘upper-body strength’ – you will be amazed at what you can do after the first few sessions of a beginner course. Wonderful for your body-image too!
    Everyone is asked to sign a consent form at their first session (our insurers insist) so if you do have a clinical problem you will need a signed note from your doctor as well.
    For Hoop classes, you will need to be a bit athletic already. And pretty good, for ‘Flying’ or ‘Spinny’ Pole.
    Classes start with an essential ‘warm up’. If you arrive too late for that, we may have to say ‘sorry’, as it is not safe for you to start a class without the warm-up.
  • Do you teach boys too?

  • We like to be ‘inclusive’, so don’t be surprised to see girls and boys in a class together. Your trainer may be a girl or a boy, see timetable. Some girls do prefer classes with just girls, some boys want courses of their own, so just ask us which dates would suit you best if you have preferences.
  • Can I book a pole performance for my own event out of the studio?

  • PoleFit London does not offer performances directly, but if you speak to trainers they can explain what they can do and at what cost, and how to hire a pole for display. The trainers have experience themselves of performance at exclusive private parties and national events. Poles are not hired out except as part of an agreed performance.
  • How do I book a course?

  • Check the booking system for courses starting soon – we are limited by the number of poles (2-per-pole maximum). If a place is available you can book and pay in full for the start-date, and we will add you to all the classes of that course.
    If you book through an agency E.g ClassPass, Eventbrite etc, you pay them not us and you may be subject to their own rules on cancellation etc. and their own Data protection policies
  • What if I have to cancel?

  • If you book a class and then have to cancel after paying, do please remember this has to happen at least 24 hours in advance of the class, so that other people have time to fill the space you booked. No refunds otherwise!
    For courses, numbers in each course have to be limited, so payments cannot be refunded once a full course has actually started, or for any course-classes missed.
    If you do have to miss just one or two classes in a course we can usually suggest a way of catching up in one of the practice classes. Course classes can’t be switched for other ‘open’ classes; remember we still need to pay for studio hire and trainers whether or not everyone shows up for a course. And full classes are always most fun anyway!
  • What if a class is cancelled?

  • Not often! But if it ever happens we will text you in advance and always offer another date to suit you. We reserve the right to stop attendance without notice if we see continuing unsafe, uncivil, or indiscreet conduct and fees would then be refunded pro-rata.
  • Can I join an occasional class?

  • If you already have Pole or Hoop skills, choose one of the ‘open’ classes. If it’s new to you, choose a ‘taster’ class first then book a course to develop your skills. Coursework is progressive, so you couldn’t start a course halfway.
  • What does ‘Pole Hire’ on the timetable mean?

  • These are sessions for general practice, where you come to get access to the equipment, not for planned training. The sessions are generally supervised by a trainer (for insurance reasons) who will be delighted to help if you ask. You don’t necessarily get exclusive access to a pole or hoop – if you or a group do want exclusive access at off-programme times, this can usually be arranged subject to the availability of trainers and studio schedule – ask about prices.
  • I want a pole of my own!

  • You will need a lot of space at home for a rostrum pole, or a very strong ceiling for a full-height pole. Come on one of our courses first, to be sure you know what you want, then we can talk to the very nice people at X-Pole, who supply our own kit and can offer a small discount.
  • Is my data protected?

  • Data you give us on paper class registers and signed consent forms will be safely filed and not shared unless legally required. (At Stockwell, the signing-in-book at the security desk is shared with our hosts ‘Evolve Housing & Support’ for their own safety purposes, and is retained by them).
    If you bring a medical note on paper about your fitness this will be shared only with your course/class trainer and then returned to you.
    If you book and pay using the ‘Appointy’ booking system, you should note that they are a ‘3rd-party’ with servers in the USA – however e-mail addresses and booking records are not shared or analysed by them or us for any other purpose. Records of payments made via PayPal, or via any successor of theirs, are subject to their usual terms, and are used by us only for accounting purposes.
    This website does not use ‘cookies’ but if you link through it to third-party sites their own cookie-permission policies will apply.
    We assume that the contact details you give us can be used for any communication or mailing from us, but not from third parties or advertisers. Some people like to use nicknames and this is no problem. If you subscribe to social media we can take no responsibility for protection of open messages shared or forwarded on those systems. If you allow pictures to be taken at Studio events we will assume you consent to their occasional use on our website and social media unless you tell us otherwise. They would of course be deleted from view and from archive if you ask us.
    Please note that the booking-address ‘book@polefitlondon.com’ is unmonitored for messages; any requests as above should come to
    anna@polefitlondon.com .
  • Updated 6/2023 v.1